Client: Migrants Resource Centre (MRC)
Users since 01 October 2007
Package AdvicePro Standard with LSC Module

Background / Problem
Migrants Resource Centre (MRC) is a not for profit organisation which provides, as one of its services, an advice service to refugees and migrants living within the UK. They have a high volume of service users – last year their Legal Advice Team advised 2,800 people.

MRC holds a contract with the Legal Services Commission (LSC) for specialist immigration casework. They are also part of the Black & Ethnic Minority Advice Project in London and regularly deliver outreach work from a variety of locations.

The nature of MRC’s legal advice work led to them requiring a system through which to keep track of all service users’ individual issues and to submit reports online to the LSC. A method of working which would facilitate the consistent management of all casework – regardless of location or advisor – was also essential.

Creating reports to submit to the LSC could often be a slow and laborious process for MRC. Therefore, they needed a system through which to regularly produce reports for the LSC in a time and resource efficient manner.

As a not for profit agency, it was essential that any solution was cost effective in nature.

To resolve the above issues, Migrants Resource Centre chose to implement AdvicePro Standard.

AdvicePro was put in place as their case management system in 2007. It replaced their previous pc based system.

Outreach working
The secure web based nature of AdvicePro allows MRC to effectively manage their outreach working which they conduct in four or five locations every week. Due to the adoption of AdvicePro, MRC is able to work completely flexibly without compromising data security. All case notes and information are accessible to any advisor working in any location.

Using AdvicePro, MRC is able to meet the routine LSC contract requirements and to create any additional reports that the LSC ask for with minimum disruption to their workflow. For example, they were recently asked to compile a report highlighting the total value of unbilled cases prior to a specified month. This was simple to execute within AdvicePro whereas it would have previously been a labour intensive process. AdvicePro allows MRC to make much more effective use of their resources.

Through the use of AdvicePro, MRC is able to collect data and meet the contract requirements of other funders of advice such as Westminster Council, London Councils and the HMRC. The system produces reports for these funders and provides management information for the organisation. One feature of particular use to the management activities of MRC is the facility to export reports and data to excel. They find it useful to manipulate and display the data in any way they desire.

Recently, MRC commissioned an independent report to consider the different ways in which MRC collected data across all of the organisation’s services. The report backed the use of AdvicePro for the advice team, stating it was a “best-of-breed package targeted towards the NFP case management space”.

Looking to the future
The Migrants Resource Centre has plans to expand upon their usage of AdvicePro. They often utilise the facility to attach documents to cases they are working on. From using this feature they are able to appreciate the benefits of a completely paperless case management system. Over the next 6-12 months they are aiming to attach all relevant documents to the system, rendering it even more useful to their outreach workers.

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