AdvicePro Makes Light Work of Recording Universal Credit

Universal Credit has been widely debated and criticised. However, love it or hate it – with one million people already receiving it the government has committed to full implementation by 2023 – affecting nearly 7 million people.  Thankfully AdvicePro has been designed to support those working in advice – and their clients.

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The introduction of Universal Credit is the ‘flagship scheme’ of the Department for Work and Pensions and has been lauded by supporters as the ‘much needed reform to the benefits system’.  However, the loudest critics have said that it is “an unjust system” and that in designing it the “understanding of real people’s lives was missing”. (Meg Hiller, Chair)


With the considerable concerns surrounding the effectiveness of Universal credit – and a public sceptical about its fairness – the advice sector will have its work cut out and will need an efficient and effective system to help deliver support for universal credit to those in most need of welfare.

AdvicePro is here to help

AdviceUK and ACMS have designed AdvicePro as the case management system fully aligned and operationally suited to assess and record universal credit cases for their clients.

ACMS Managing Director Ali McLaren says:

“More now than ever before, with Universal Credit being such a hot topic – for all of the wrong reasons – recording and reporting accurately are really vital”.

Universal Credit is a benefit which incorporates six previous benefits into one single benefit and is split into six different elements which can be applied for at one time.

“The main issue that advice centres will encounter is how to record these elements now that they are included in one benefit – fortunately AdvicePro can do this”.   ACMS Managing Director Ali McLaren

AdvicePro UC functionality has been developed for subscribers to the Money Module and the new functionality allows users to track each element from benefit check/claim/MR/appeal and record outcomes for each stage. Using AdvicePro’s Report Designer, Advice Managers can accurately report on which elements were successful/unsuccessful at each particular stage of the process.

The UC functionality will still allow excellent reporting facilities. The full range of UC elements can be recorded and tracked from a single case, rather than having to open separate cases to record the progress of individual UC elements. The reporting facility will enable you to report on the outcomes of each element.


Existing AdvicePro customers can use the Universal Credit functionality via the Money Module in AdvicePro.

AdvicePro – Flexible, Efficient, Secure

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